The Migration Series by American artist Jacob Lawrence was a great inspiration for the Spring Summer 2011 Collection of the Vessel. by lois.
His use of bold colors makes his paintings rich with energy and a new hope as it tells the story of courage and faith of the men and women who were a part of the huge Exodus from
the South to the North as they sought a better life for themselves and their families.
Designer Lois Samuels worked these colors within her aesthetic which consists of clean, structured shapes, utilitarian type suits and tailored pieces.
As an immigrant she feels honored to be a part of the journey as she presents her Collection in Grand Central Station .
the Vessel. by lois Spring/Summer 2011 Collection was presented on September 9th 2010 in the Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station.


Image sourced from THE GREAT MIGRATION ©HarperCollins Publishers 1995

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